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Can my child trial before committing to the club?

Every child is offered a trial, the cost of the trial is £6.50 and is payable on the day of the trial. The trial gives children the opportunity to meet the coaches and other players as well as demonstrate their understanding of netball. After the trial has ended, the coach will have a conversation with the child and parent about the next steps.

How do I pay my subs?

What are your club fees?

We accept payments on a termly basis, please send us an enquiry for full information on our club fees. 

Where can I purchase netball trainers?

Netball trainers can be bought online at different retailers. We advise you have a look and look for trainers that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Some examples of netball trainers include Mizuno Wave or Asics.

All subs are to paid before the start of any netball session with us. Upon joining the club, you will be given joining instructions which will include how to pay. 

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